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RYAN'S STORY: From Advertising to Africa, and Back

It all began with Y2K and a career in consumer advertising. For a decade, I worked on brands like Nike, Starbucks, Heineken, and Brooks Running, at well-respected ad agencies like Wieden+Kennedy and North. It was a fun and sexy experience, but at the end of the day, not all that soul-fulfilling. There were definitely good projects along the way--like the Partnership for a Drug-Free America and American Indian College Fund--but the work-life imbalance was taking a toll. 

So in 2007, on the heels of wrapping up an epic Nike Football TV spot, it was time to zag. I pulled the rip cord from the agency world and headed off to West Africa for two years of service in the Peace Corps. That's a whole nother story, but as you might expect, immersing in a rural African village was a life-changing (and career-altering) experience. This journey, now 19 years in the making, led to the realization that the dark arts of marketing can (and should) be used to promote what's good.



In 2011, after taking a trust fall off the corporate ladder to realign his career around more purposeful work, founder Ryan Gallagher crossed his fingers, closed his eyes, and launched GoodGallagher.

For the first couple years, Ryan partnered with ad agencies and design firms (Sockeye, Enviromedia, 52 Limited, Periscopic, ThreadAmmonista), as a freelance brand + marketing strategist for clients like Icebreaker, OHSU, Jawbone, and Oregon Metro. Opportunities soon presented themselves that evolved GoodGallagher into what it has become today: an independent brand strategy + marketing design consultancy focused entirely on purpose-driven work.

Sure, big consumer brands may have more resources to promote their shiny products and services, but there's a whole other world out there of organizations and people hellbent on making this a better place that need the dark arts of marketing too. Without big corporate budgets to fuel them, good causes and campaigns need to raise awareness, spur engagement, and build trust across audiences--be it supporters, volunteers, or funders. Sometimes even taking on a bigger vision of sustainable behavior change or social impact.

We believe nonprofit orgs, mission-driven businesses, and social entrepreneurs need a like-minded partner not a ding-ding-order-up vendor to be able to provide truly strategic solutions. Our team is willing to put in the time and soul to design unique and strategic approaches (sorry, no cookie-cutters here) for whatever the challenge may be.

This the dark arts of marketing for good, and this is what we do—everyday.


When it comes time to put strategy into action, we tap like-minded creatives to form the best team for each assignment. These aren’t sub-contractors or vendors, these are partners we trust to participate on our team for the duration of the project. We align skillset, experience, and passion on our client's behalf to create a custom task force for each assignment. It's simply more efficient and flexible this way.

Recent collaborateurs include:

Whatever you are, be a good one.
— Abraham Lincoln