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Let's Do Good Work

Let's Do Good Work



We proudly call the Pacific Northwest home, but our work extends well beyond our evergreen borders. Currently partnering with clients in Washington D.C., New York, Baltimore, Puerto Rico, East Africa, and PDX. 

If you're looking for a purpose-driven partner to roll up their sleeves and share your commitment for the advancing the greater good, we're hopeful you'll say hello.
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We understand not everyone is looking for a long-term "agency of record" relationship, nor has the budget to fund it. So we're flexible with how we structure our work together. Here are a few ways we work with our clients on both a short-term and longer-term basis:

>> Hourly Consulting + Coaching -- If you need some quick advice, a sounding-board to bounce thinking off of, or are just looking a fresh perspective, we are happy to schedule an informal consulting / coaching session (either in person or virtually), and bill at our hourly rate. This also applies if you're doing some soul-searching of your own and want to explore a more purposeful career path. We'd love to help and point you in the right direction. Reserve a session.

>> Project-Based -- Our most common way of working together tends to be a project-based contract, where we define a set scope-of-work, timeline, and not-to-exceed budget. Once we discuss priorities, scope-of-work, and deliverables, we're happy to put together a proposal to get things rolling. Let's talk.

>> Rolling Retainer -- Many of our longer-term relationships find it's most convenient to start with a fixed project, and then can evolve into a monthly retainer model. This often provides greater flexibility to consult across a range of needs and deliverables over three-, six-, or twelve-month periods. Once we determine the full scope of needs, we will estimate a not-to-exceed range of hours each month, track our time, and provide monthly invoicing.

>> Interim Marketing Director -- For clients without a current marketing director or not yet large enough to fund a full-time benefited FTE salary, we can bridge that gap for the next 3-6 months. As an interim member of the team. we can help develop strategy and a suite of tools, then work with you to recruit, interview, and train someone to take the baton for there.

>> Pro Bono -- Given our nimble size, and the fact that we already discount our rate for nonprofits, we're not currently taking on any pro bono assignments at this time.